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You say you only work on Harley Davidsons, but I have an after market Harley chopper. Will you still work on it?


Do you work on any other motorcycles?

We have before, in some cases. Give us a call and we’ll tell you.

I know what’s wrong with my Harley, so why can’t you give me a specific price over the phone so I can shop around?

We can give you a guesstimate over the phone, but we really won’t know exactly what is wrong with it until we see it. We don’t know what has been done to the bike or who has touched it previously. However, we do have some set prices for some things like oil changes and wheel replacement.

I’ve been turned away by Harley Davidson and most motorcycle garages that I’ve been to because they don’t work on older bikes. I would think older bikes are simple and easier to work on, so why is it so hard to find someone who works on older Harleys?

We specialize in older Harley Davidsons and we can tell you, we don’t know who has touched it and how good of a job they have done. Sometimes it’s like cleaning up a slaughterhouse after a slaughter. That’s why many shops prefer not to take the business.

My Harley has been sitting in my garage for five years, but it worked perfectly when I parked it. Shouldn’t I be able to just change the oil, put gas in it and be ready to go?

You would think so, but the carburetor may tell you otherwise. Usually after a carburetor rebuild, oil change, new gas and new tires, it should be good to go. But if it has been sitting for a longer time you could have other issues with belts, wires and rubber components.

Do you do any customizing, or build custom bikes?

Yes, both.

Is all work performed done on sight?

No. Our paint, chrome and powder coating is done by our vendor off site. Some of our frame and engine work may be done offsite.

The last time I brought my Harley to a garage, it sat there for months, unfixed. Why does this happen with some places?

Because they take in more bikes than they can handle.